Teaching Schedule 2017


June 10
Old Dominion Blacksmiths, Otter Hill Forge, Bedford Va., 18th Hardware and Lighting .

July 2 - July 7
John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown NC, Early American and Colonial Hardware,
Cathedral Hinges, Knocker Ring Latches and Dutch Door Hardware

Oct 28 Sat
Open forge and workshop at Mill Creek Forge 9:30-5:00
Come by and visit and try your hand at hammering iron.
Visit westmoore pottery next door for their 40th Aniversity Celebration.

Nov 11 Sat
18th Hertiage Day , See colonial hearth cooking implements made by guest smiths.
Woodworking and candle making and knife making demos.
Open forge for interested blacksmiths.
Visit next door at Westmoore Pottery and see real time hearth cooking
with Karen Becker, noted historian from Frontier Culture Museum and Old Salem.
Come get some tips, buy a book
or just sit around the stove and visit